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Game Research and UX Studio

your players

You don’t have to guess. We will provide feedback and real data about your project.

your backlog

Conduct validation of your backlog based on user needs. No more missed fetures.

your costs

Don’t spend your team’s time on unproven solutions. Focus on the game juice

Player Experience
When you need
UX Support?

Boost your game
on any stage


Get to know your players before you start making a game for them. What do they like and what annoys them? WDon’t leave these questions unanswered.


Test your feature on a regular basis. Decide already in the production stage in which direction to develop. Stop guessing. Base it on real feedback.


Check engagement with your game after launch. Work with real data. Diagnose and quickly respond to key pain points. Keep your finger on the pulse.

What can we offer?

Full UX and Game Research support

Player Experience

External Tests

We recruit and conduct tests tailored to your needs. We select appropriate testing methods. We provide conclusions ready for implementation.

UX Audit

We analyze your project according to the expectations of the players. Design patterns, heuristics, good practices and laws of psychology – we will expose the potential of your product.

Training and Consultation

Awareness of player needs should be deeply ingrained in your team. We provide training and workshops that will indirectly impact the quality of your game.

Game Research and UX Studio
Who we are?

Reasearch Studio
created with passion.


We conduct quantitative and qualitative research. We present the results in a transparent way.


We have been creating useful digital products for years. Full project cycle from concept to post-launch testing.


Games – this has always been our passion. We used to spend nights on paper Warhammer, and also on Last of Us series.

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We are from Poland, but distance is irrelevant. Let’s make a juicy game together 🙂