UX support for indie games

Game research is not only our job, it is our passion. That’s why part of our time is spent on UX support for independent productions.

We do not do it for money. We do it for the players. We adapt our methods to the needs of the project. Looking for professional experience support for your players? Contact us:

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Availability: from July 2022

UX Game Support – FAQ

What exactly can you offer?

Games UX testing methodologies are plentiful and depending on your needs and stage of development we can offer: A/B testing in games, Quantitative research, Card Sorting, Playtest (Initial, Detail, Extanded), Ethnographic Research, Focus Group, UX Audit (Heuristics), Individual Deep Interview, First Immersion, Narrative usability, Persona and Protopersona, Rite Test, Usability testing (moderated and unmoderated), A/B testing in games

What do you expect in return?

We don’t want money, but we take every project seriously and expect the same from you. One day we will meet on some expo and you can buy us a beer 🙂

Do you support each game developer?

No. From the submissions we always choose the most interesting project and give it our full attention. But we write back to all the emails.

Do you do QA tests?

No. Quality testing of a game is a completely different subject than usability testing. But if we find a bug, we don’t ignore it.However, we count on the fact that if you provide a game snippet – it will be in a stable version.

Do I need to have a playable game?

No. There are many testing methods and they can be implemented at different stages of the project. Much of the research should be done before writing the first line of code.

What should I provide?

A short description on what stage of game development you are now. If you have something to look at and click on – you should include it.

What does such cooperation look like?

You send us an inicative email. Within days (depending on what you provide) we contact you and propose a research plan. Together we determine specific actions and roadmap for this work.

Can I trust you?

If you want, we can sign an NDA. We have no problem with that 🙂