Experience bugs in games #1: Assassin`s Creed Valhalla

This is a post I wrote over a month ago on my blog in Polish. Since the post is still relevant (not because of bugs, but because it’s a great game:) I’m uploading the translation here.

Game interfaces are still being neglected. In the case of website and application design, we see constant progress when it comes to User Experience. However, games are still neglected and the usability of interfaces is still treated as a secondary issue by the Producers. Below is a short entry from the PS player’s perspective regarding one of the most anticipated titles of this year: Assassin Creed Valhala

No consistency in navigation

The same buttons in different places of the interface can perform contradictory functions. And so, in the game, in the menu or in the ubisoft store, we have to learn navigation from scratch. Action confirmations, exit to a higher level etc. These are persistent actions and should always have buttons assigned to them. No matter which interface element you are currently in

Hiding the most important information

The most important information for the player is buried in strange hollows that are difficult to reach. Example? Until today, I don’t know where your current purse status is displayed in your inventory. Increasing stocks is one of the main goals of widely understood RPGs.

Essential information missing

Character development and the selection of the best equipment is crucial. Unfortunately, it is in vain to look for a comparison of equipment in the latest Ubisoft production. Either you have a very good memory or you take notes. There is no other way out.

Incomprehensible statistics

Character statistics. Directly related to character development. There is no explanation and no translation of this into the relationship between equipment, skills and abilities. Yes – in the Polish translation, there are two such synonyms that mean completely different elements.

Tasks – markers and difficulty level

There is no direct link between quests and the map. “Show on the map” such a trivial functionality that has become a home in role-playing games a long time ago. Unfortunately, it is missing here. The mere navigation among tasks also leaves a lot to be desired. (Dropouts and weird dips – several lines appear on the game screen at the same time) You will learn about the difficulty level of some tasks only after you start them. There is no this option during the dialogue window. Thanks to this, AC quite efficiently develops the habit of quick writing in players.

After all, it’s a very good game

The above things are irritating in the long run. Don’t get me wrong. The game itself is very enjoyable and still fun to play. But in 2020, the interface should not spoil your gameplay fun. My expectations are not out of touch with reality – see NaughtyDog or CD Projekt Red productions

Which does not change the fact that in two weeks from the premiere I spent over 30 hours in the game and it promises to be at least twice as much. I suspect that I would have squeezed 100% of the game, but in two weeks the premiere of Cyberpunk. I have very high expectations here. 🙂