Quit game communication

This will be short 🙂 Everyone be here: Why this pattern still exist? Is really that hard to change to provide small change? f.e.

UX sense of the game

In this post, I wanted to present the main assumptions of Player Journey Map. But I found that this picture would be incomplete without fully understanding the meaning of the game. Why do we play and what is most important to us? Quest for the Holy Grail Holy Grail after Monty Python. The title chalice… Continue reading UX sense of the game

Player experience – introduction

Over the last few years we’ve seen the rise in popularity of phrases like Customer Experience, Business Partner Experience, Whatever Experience. I wrote that Customer Experience is not only a superfluous buzzword, but also a damaging phrase for the industry as a whole. With players, however, it’s different. The player experience should be viewed a… Continue reading Player experience – introduction