Outriders: UX Game Review

I don’t like shooters, and I don’t like broadly understood SF either. That’s why I didn’t wait for Outriders. Another game. Despite the fact that I was very prejudiced, the game stole my heart after a few hours. People Can Fly studio introduces several brilliant solutions that positively affect the broadly understood Player Experience. There… Continue reading Outriders: UX Game Review

Experience bugs in games #1: Assassin`s Creed Valhalla

This is a post I wrote over a month ago on my blog in Polish. Since the post is still relevant (not because of bugs, but because it’s a great game:) I’m uploading the translation here. Game interfaces are still being neglected. In the case of website and application design, we see constant progress when… Continue reading Experience bugs in games #1: Assassin`s Creed Valhalla